Featuring legal services designed to meet the specific needs of Seniors

Seniors and their families will find the appropriate legal services they need at our firm. What do we mean when we say appropriate?

For starters, you can talk with us about the issues that keep you and your family awake at night. For many, their major concerns usually focus on health care... finances... or their estate. We can help. After careful consideration and evaluation, we present to you a well-thought-out solution that fits your specific needs.

Geoff Bernhardt and his staff specialize in providing the appropriate legal services for those challenges. The firm takes a very personalized approach to working with clients. You will be treated with respect. You will find legal issues explained clearly. More importantly, you will receive well-thought-out advice from professionals who care about you and your family.

Our goal is simple: to deliver counsel and legal services that protect you and your family. And put you all at ease.

  • Medicaid - Long-term Care Costs

    A person requiring long-term care puts all of his or her assets at risk. The average cost for such care in Oregon: $7,000 per month. The healthy spouse becomes at risk due to their husband's or wife's care costs. We have provided individuals and families with compassionate counseling about long-term care since 1993.

  • Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts

    We can help you plan your legacy. In fact, a well-planned estate shows great caring for your loved ones. When a loved one passes away, it is a time of remembrance and grieving. Unfortunately, the grieving process gets interrupted because of the necessity of administering the estate. By creating a will or trust, you greatly reduce this burden on your family.

  • Probate and Estate Administration

    When a person passes away, bills must be paid and tax returns filed. Assets must also be sold. The financial affairs of a lifetime need to be wrapped up. In some cases, the probate court supervises such activities. Families have counted on us to administer their trusts and estates and go through probate since 1993. We can help your family as well.

  • Power of Attorney

    A power of attorney gives someone you trust the authority to make decisions for your finances in the event you cannot. A power of attorney for an older person should also contain special provisions for long-term care directions. Forms purchased through stationery stores or online are too general. We can help you establish the power of attorney that works best for you.

  • Guardianship & Conservatorship

    When someone is diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's disease or stroke, the person can be unable to make important decisions. If a person cannot make decisions about medical care or housing options, a Judge can appoint a guardian to make such decisions. If a person cannot make financial decisions, a Judge can appoint a conservator. We have helped families ensure their loved ones are cared for and protected since 1993.

  • Advance Directive for Health Care

    This allows someone who cares about you to make important medical decisions if you are unable to do so. You appoint an individual to speak for you based upon instructions you give them. Children often make end-of-life decisions for their parents. A child acting under an advanced directive for health care is an advocate for the parent's dignity. We consider it a privilege to assist you with this important legal option.

  • Special Needs Trust

    People with disabilities sometimes rely upon the state and federal government for health care, food and shelter. These government programs impose strict limits on the disabled person's assets and income. If a disabled person receiving public benefits gets an inheritance or receives a personal injury settlement, he or she can lose eligibility for health insurance, housing and Social Security. But there is an exception: if the money gets placed into a Special Needs Trust for the beneficiary, it can be used to improve the beneficiary's quality of life without losing the government benefits. We have been helping individuals and families draft their own Special Needs Trust since 1993.